Ashley D. Chamberland, MD

Ashley Chamberland, MDDr. Ashley Chamberland and her husband Matt are natives of Berlin, Connecticut.

The pediatrician received a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry at the University of Hartford, and she graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Dr. Chamberland then completed a three-year residency at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. While in the residency program, she worked with cancer patients, trained in the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, worked on the inpatient floor, and did outpatient rotations.

She also conducted research in pediatric gastroenterology, which included studying vitamin D levels in children who have Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In addition, the doctor wrote a chapter for a pediatrician’s guide titled “Curbside Consultation in Pediatric GI: 49 Clinical Questions.”

After her residency, Dr. Chamberland worked for four years as a pediatrician for UConn Pediatrics, part of UConn Medical Group. Along with practicing medicine, she also taught third-year medical students who did rotations with doctors.

Dr. Chamberland’s office was in East Hartford, which the pediatrician describes as a disadvantaged suburb with socioeconomic challenges. Asthma and obesity were common in East Hartford, as is the case in many cities.

Dr. Chamberland hopes to be involved in family-oriented programs that teach healthy diet and exercise habits.

She and her husband, an electrician, moved from their hometown in Connecticut in search of a rural setting, warmer weather, and an affordable place to live.

Connecticut’s harsh winters, high taxes, and lack of a loan repayment program for doctors prompted the Chamberlands to look for options outside their home state.

The couple, who met in elementary school and married in 2014, also were drawn to rural Texas because its lifestyle is similar to the country atmosphere that Berlin, Connecticut, had during their childhood.

Now, though, what used to be a small town surrounded by farms has seen major growth, with dense housing developments replacing open fields. Berlin’s population has more than doubled in the last 15 years.

The Chamberlands had often considered Texas because they like hot weather and then all the cliche reasons: They like barbecue, Mr. Chamberland likes to hunt, and they both enjoy country music.

Lampasas’ proximity to Fort Hood and Austin, along with its small town setting and availability of rural land, made it the perfect place for the Chamberlands.

The pediatrician, who visited FMC for the first time in 2015, loved Central Texas from the moment she arrived.

She has four younger siblings and babysat both before and during college. She chose pediatrics because she always loved being around children.

When she went to medical school, pediatrics just fit when she tried all the different rotations. She could talk to kids and got along with them easily.

Dr. Chamberland describes herself as “a kid at heart” who gets to have fun while caring for her patients.

She believes that it’s the one job where you can be on the floor trying to play peek-a-boo while you’re trying to check their ears or get them to blow bubbles so you can hear their lungs (because sometimes there’s no other way you’re going to get them to take a big breath). So, it makes it fun every day.

Dr. Chamberland also enjoys seeing young patients’ gratitude. She has had patients that will hug and kiss her and say, “Oh, my doctor!” She had a patient who used to sing a song, “I love my doctor,” and she would just keep singing it the whole way down the hall.

Dr. Chamberland believes FMC staff is very helpful, both to colleagues and patients. She likes the clinic’s website, good hours, and willingness to take walk-in patients, all of which are benefits to those who see FMC providers.

She and her husband also have been impressed with the friendliness of the people they have met through FMC.


Dr. Ashley Chamberland’s CV


  • Pediatric Residency — 2009-2012
    University of Connecticut School of Medicine
    Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut
  • MD, University of Connecticut School of Medicine — 2009
    Farmington, Connecticut
  • BS, Chemistry-Biology — 2001-2005
    Summa Cum Laude
    West Hartford, Connecticut



  • Family Medicine Clinic — 2016-present
  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics — 2012-2016
    University of Connecticut Medical School



  • Graduated summa cum laude from University of Hartford with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry-Biology — 2005
  • Recipient of Marc W. Feldman Memorial Award in Organic Chemistry — 2002-2003
  • Honors in OB/GYN, Pediatric ICU, clerkships — 2007-2009



  • American Board of Pediatrics, Board Certified — 2012
  • National Board of Medical Examiners, Diplomate — 2011
  • Licensed in Connecticut and Texas
  • American Academy of Pediatrics — 2009-present
  • Pediatric Scholars — 2006-2008
  • Orthopedic Scholars — 2006-2008
  • Alpha Lambda Delta — 2002-present
  • Alpha Chi — 2002-present 



  • Principal Investigator, Vitamin D in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Division of Digestive Diseases, Hepatology and Nutrition — 2010-2012
    Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • Clinic Research Assistant, Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms, Department of Surgery — 2006-2007
    Hartford Hospital, Connecticut
  • Laboratory Research Assistant, Department of Organic Chemistry — 2002-2005
    University of Hartford
  • Chemistry Laboratory Teaching Assistant — 2002-2005
    University of Hartford


  • Rollins Brook Community Hospital, Lampasas, Texas
  • Metroplex Health System, Killeen, Texas
  • Seton, Harker Heights, Texas — courtesy privileges 



  • “Are there patient populations at risk for vitamin D deficiency? How do I diagnose and treat it?” Curbside Consultations in Pediatric Gastroenterology
  • “Posterior Reversible Leukoencephalopathy Syndrome” 
    Case-based presentation
    Connecticut Children’s Medical Center — 2011
  • “Erythema Nodosum”
    Case-based presentation on erythema nodosum in a patient with Crohn’s disease
    Connecticut Children’s Medical Center — 2011
  • “Non-Gonococcal Urethritis”
    Review of the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma Urealyticum, and Mycoplasma genitalium and hominis. 
    Saint Francis Medical Center, Adolescent Clinic — 2010
  • “A Review of Intraoperative and Preoperative Parameters That Predict Death and Other Negative Outcomes after Repair of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm”
    Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery — 2008



  • Preceptor for UConn Medical School’s Pediatric Ambulatory Experience — 2012-2016
  • Preceptor for UConn Medical School’s Student Continuity Practice — 2014-2016
  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Medical Student Shadowing Program — 2010-2012
  • South Park Inn Homeless Shelter Volunteer Resident Education — 2006-2009
  • Salvation Army South Marshall Pediatric Clinic Volunteer — 2005-2009
  • Hartford Health Education Volunteer Teacher — 2005-2006
  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Emergency Department — 2003-2005



  • Orthopedic Surgery in Barcelona, Spain — 2006



  • Outdoor sports including running, cycling, snowboarding, and waterskiing.