About Us

FMC providers are primary care providers who are committed to promoting good health and healthy lifestyles for their patients. Most importantly, our providers place the patients’ needs above all else.

Family Medicine Clinic is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attentions. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care.

FMC, Your Medical Home

At FMC, we’ve implemented a team-based approach that improves your access to care and allows us to do a better job planning and coordinating it with you. Using tools and teamwork, we can provide care when you’re sick and when you’re well - before, during, after, and between appointments.

The Benefits of Making FMC Your Medical Home

We promise to:

  • Provide you with care when you need it
  • Provide you with a care team that knows you and your family
  • Listen to you and address your concerns
  • Notify you of test results in a timely manner
  • Coordinate care with specialists when needed
  • Keep your information confidential
  • Help you stay healthy by giving you easy to understand information
  • Take care of your short term illnesses and long-term chronic diseases
  • Respect you as an individual.  We will not make judgments based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation or disability
  • Remind you when vaccines and tests are due
  • Have a doctor/provider on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Improve your care by continuing to use state-of-the-art electronic health records and e-prescribing
  • Assist you to learn about wellness and how to prevent sickness and disease

Help Us Help You!

As part of the team, here is how you can help:

  • Tell us what you know about your health and illnesses, including family history
  • Inform us about all medications, prescribed and over-the-counter, you are taking -  at each visit, and be responsible for obtaining refills
  • Tell us about your needs and concerns
  • Seek our advice before you see other physicians.  We may be able to care for that need.  If not, we know about the strengths of various area specialists
  • Follow the care plan that is agreed upon, or let us know why you cannot so that we can try to help or change the plan
  • Let us know when you see other doctors and what medications they put you on or change. Ask them to send us a report about your care when you see them.
  • Learn about your insurance so you know what it covers
  • Respect us as individuals and partners in your care
  • Keep your appointments as scheduled, or call and let us know when you cannot
  • Pay your share of the visit fee when you are seen in the office
  • Give us feedback so we can improve our services


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